[21] Threatening Herd or a Menace of Mobsters: Fascinating Collective Noun Examples

A collective noun is a term used to describe a group of individuals or things. When it comes to the word "threatening," several collective nouns can vividly capture the essence of a menacing group in various settings. One example of a collective noun associated with something intimidating or hostile could be a "menace" of actors. This represents a group of actors with the ability to emulate threatening characters such as villains in movies.

Another collective noun could be a "hazard" of storms, depicting a collection of dangerous or threatening weather events radiating fear due to their destructive abilities like hurricanes, tornadoes, or typhoons. The term "swarm" is also an alluring collective noun that portrays a large group of menacing creatures, exemplified by a "swarm" of insects or a "swarm" of bees, with their buzzing and potentially stinging nature evoking intimidation.

Furthermore, during volatile protests or demonstrations, a collective noun like a "menace" of protesters or a "tumult" of protestors aptly denotes a group characterized by aggressive or disruptive behavior, suggesting a potential danger or threat to the public peace.

In Sum, collective nouns using the word "threatening" provide a vivid depiction of cohesive groups that instill a sense of fear, unease, or intimidation through their nature, characteristics, or actions. These descriptive terms help invoke vivid imagery and demonstrate the power of language in expressing collective situations, regardless of whether they are posed by individuals, forces of nature, or social phenomena.


Threatening Of Clouds

Threatening of Clouds is a captivating collective noun phrase that vividly portrays an atmospheric spectacle. It encapsulates the mesmerizing sight of dark and brooding clouds gathering ominously in the sky, creating an impending sense of suspense and tre...

Example sentence

"The threatening of clouds loomed overhead, casting a somber shadow over the city."


Threatening of Courtiers

Threatening of Courtiers refers to a specific group or gathering of courtiers who exude an air of threat or danger. A collective noun phrase typically used in historical and royal contexts, courtiers are individuals who wield influence and hold positions ...

Example sentence

"The king was surrounded by a threatening of courtiers as he made his way through the crowded halls."


Threatening Of Demons

The collective noun phrase Threatening of Demons refers to a gathering or group of menacing supernatural beings renowned in various mythologies and belief systems. When these intimidating creatures come together, they form a formidable force that inspires...

Example sentence

"The night was filled with the collective noun phrase Threatening of Demons as dark figures emerged from the shadows."


Threatening Of Earthquakes

The collective noun phrase Threatening of Earthquakes refers to a dynamic and potentially dangerous gathering of numerous seismic activities that pose a significant risk to the stability and security of a particular area or region. Earthquakes are natural...

Example sentence

"The threatening of earthquakes has caused great fear among the residents of this city."


Threatening Of Enemies

The collective noun phrase Threatening of Enemies refers to a group of adversaries or opponents who pose an imminent and significant danger or harm. It describes a gathering or assembly of individuals, organizations, or forces that exude hostility and act...

Example sentence

"The threatening of enemies sent chills down the soldiers' spines."


Threatening Of Gangsters

Threatening of Gangsters is a powerful collective noun phrase that captures a chilling and intense ambiance synonymous with the street underworld. It evokes a sense of impending danger and lawlessness brought forth by a group of individuals connected by c...

Example sentence

"The threatening of gangsters sent chills down everyone's spines as they marched down the street, flaunting their power."


Threatening Of Hurricanes

The collective noun phrase Threatening of Hurricanes refers to a cluster or grouping of hurricanes that pose imminent danger and potential devastation. These menacing weather formations emerge in regions vulnerable to tropical cyclones where atmospheric c...

Example sentence

"The threatening of hurricanes has put the coastal residents on high alert."


Threatening Of Lions

A threatening of lions refers to a group of lions displaying aggressive behavior or posing a potential danger. This collective noun phrase encompasses both the overwhelming power and intimidation that lions possess as they exhibit territorial defense, int...

Example sentence

"The threatening of lions was a sight to behold as they stalked their prey with precise coordination."


Threatening Of Mobsters

The collective noun phrase Threatening of Mobsters paints a vivid picture of a group of powerful and intimidating individuals who are part of the criminal underworld. Threatening captures the essence of their intimidating and menacing nature, suggesting a...

Example sentence

"The unity and strength of the Threatening of Mobsters was palpable as they ruled the city streets with an iron fist."


Threatening Of Predators

Threatening of Predators refers to a group or collection of menacing and dangerous animals that hold the position of being natural predators. When viewed together, these creatures instill fear and evoke a powerful sense of danger due to their predatory na...

Example sentence

"The threatening of predators in the jungles kept the smaller animals on high alert."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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