[39] Unleashing the Power of Collective Unity: Surprising Examples of Tribal Collectives

A tribe is a traditional form of social organization consisting of a group of people who share common customs, languages, beliefs, and territory. Consequently, collective nouns associated with tribes are used to refer to groups or entities that involve the notion of community, cohesion, or shared identity. In a literal sense, collective nouns such as "a tribe of Indians" or "a tribe of Native Australians" are often used to refer to groups of indigenous people who relate to a specific culture, heritage, or geographic area. However, metaphorically, the term "tribe" has found its way into modern usage to describe various communities characterized by a sense of belonging, collaboration, or common ideals. These collective noun examples with the word "tribe" if non-literally employed can refer to groups in professional settings, industry sectors, hobbies, or even online communities. Examples include "a tribe of artists," "a tribe of entrepreneurs," "a tribe of foodies," or "a tribe of gamers." These collective nouns highlight the sense of unity, collectiveness, and shared passions within these communities, alluding to the idea of people who come together to support and uplift each other.


Tribe Of Aboriginals

A Tribe of Aboriginals refers to a community or group of Indigenous Australian people who share a common ancestry, cultural heritage, and distinctive traditions and customs. This collective noun phrase characterizes the historical and cultural diversity p...

Example sentence

"The Tribe of Aboriginals holds strong cultural traditions that have been passed down through generations."


Tribe Of Alpacas

A tribe of alpacas refers to a group or collective of alpacas. Alpacas are domesticated camelids native to South America, known for their soft and luxurious wool and gentle nature. Being highly social and herd-oriented animals, alpacas naturally form co...

Example sentence

"A tribe of alpacas roams freely across the vast green fields."


Tribe Of Artists

A Tribe of Artists is a captivating collective noun phrase that conjures an image of a group of talented individuals coming together to create something extraordinary. This assembly embodies solidarity, creativity, and collective purpose - mirroring the t...

Example sentence

"The tribe of artists gathers every year for their annual exhibition, showcasing their diverse works of creativity."


Tribe of Baboons

A tribe of baboons refers to a cohesive and varied group of these highly adaptable primates. Made up of individuals that typically bear distinctive physical characteristics, a tribe of baboons exhibits a complex social structure that shapes their interact...

Example sentence

"A tribe of baboons gathers by the riverbank, grooming each other's fur and making loud vocalizations."


Tribe Of Beavers

A tribe of beavers refers to a group or a community of these fascinating nocturnal rodents. Synonymous with family and teamwork, the phrase aptly captures the essence of beavers' interconnectedness and their intricate social structure. Each tribe typicall...

Example sentence

"A tribe of beavers was spotted near the riverbank, busy building their dams."


Tribe Of Bedouins

A tribe of Bedouins refers to a social and cultural group composed of Bedouin people. The term Bedouins historically signifies various nomadic Arab groups who have roamed the deserts of the Middle East, primarily focusing on practicing pastoralism and eng...

Example sentence

"A tribe of Bedouins fiercely guard their nomadic way of life in the desert."


Tribe Of Bikers

A tribe of bikers is a distinctive and close-knit group of individuals who share a deep passion for motorcycle riding and embrace the thrilling lifestyle that comes with it. These dedicated bikers form a tight-knit community, bound together by their love ...

Example sentence

"A tribe of bikers pulled into the small town, their leather-clad presence drawing curious gazes from locals."


Tribe Of Bloodhounds

A Tribe of Bloodhounds is a captivating cluster of majestic and powerful canine creatures. These highly renowned scent hounds encompass a harmonious and close-knit community that embodies resilience, loyalty, and determination. Their pack dynamics are hon...

Example sentence

"A tribe of bloodhounds was a common sight at the annual dog show, their long floppy ears and sniffing abilities capturing everyone's attention."


Tribe Of Brothers

A tribe of brothers is an evocative collective noun phrase used to describe a group of men characterized by a close-knit bond. It conveys a sense of unity, loyalty, and kinship, where our common values, experiences, and endeavors fuse us together into a s...

Example sentence

"The Tribe of Brothers united to face the daunting challenges that laid ahead."


Tribe Of Bushmen

A Tribe of Bushmen refers to a unique and culturally rich group of individuals who have traditionally inhabited the vast regions of southern Africa, primarily found in the Kalahari Desert. The term Tribe of Bushmen describes a collective noun phrase used ...

Example sentence

"The Tribe of Bushmen has been living in harmony with nature for centuries."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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