[41] Unleashing the Power of Troops: Understanding the Colossal Realm of Collective Nouns

A collective noun for troops, oftentimes referred to as a 'troop', embodies a distinct unit or gathering of military personnel or soldiers serving together in a common purpose and working towards shared objectives. These dedicated individuals possess a shared bond defined by their commitment to duty, notions of camaraderie, and collective pursuit of military goals. A troop represents the strength and resilience demonstrated by a group of brave soldiers who collaborate and coordinate their efforts with discipline, precision, and teamwork to accomplish missions and ensure the safety and security of their nation or organization. Within the framework of a troop, hierarchy, command structure, and larger contingents may or may not exist, depending on the specific military context. Whether deployed on the field, stationed at a base, or engaged in exercises, members of a troop follow an organized system of organization, leadership, and discipline, promoting effectiveness, cohesion, and adaptability in the face of various challenges encountered. From coordinating tactical maneuvers to fostering morale, troops embody the collective power and unity encapsulated within the concept of military forces.


Army Of Troops

An army of troops refers to a cohesive and formidable group of soldiers who have been enlisted or conscripted for military service. These troops serve a significant purpose in maintaining security and defending a nation or engaging in combat operations. T...

Example sentence

"The army of troops marched valiantly through the fields, their uniformed formation keeping them in perfect sync."


Assembly Of Troops

An assembly of troops refers to a gathering or collection of military personnel organized and mobilized for a specific purpose or mission. This collective noun phrase evokes an image of military strength, disciplined cooperation, and a cohesive unit worki...

Example sentence

"The commander addressed the assembly of troops, outlining the battle plan for the upcoming mission."


Band Of Troops

A band of troops is a collective noun phrase that refers to a group of soldiers or military personnel, specifically an organized unit serving together in a common mission or operation. This phrase not only highlights the unity and camaraderie among troops...

Example sentence

"A band of troops marched bravely into battle, displaying their unity and spirit."


Banner Of Troops

A banner of troops refers to a collective group or assembly of soldiers or military units gathered under a common sign or emblem, known as a banner. The term banner in this context signifies a highly visible symbol or flag used to mobilize and rally troop...

Example sentence

"The banner of troops marched steadily through the streets, with each soldier in perfect formation."


Battalion Of Troops

A battalion of troops refers to a specifically designated military unit comprising of a cohesive group of soldiers. Commonly organized within larger formations like brigades or regiments, a battalion typically consists of anywhere from 300 to 1,200 troops...

Example sentence

"The commander led a battalion of troops into battle, each soldier tightly gripped their rifles as they advanced."


Brigade Of Troops

A brigade of troops is a term used to describe a specific group or formation of soldiers working together to achieve military objectives. It connotes a sense of coordinated effort, cohesion, and strength. A brigade is typically composed of several battali...

Example sentence

"The Brigade of Troops assembled at the military base, ready for their mission."


Cluster Of Troops

A cluster of troops refers to a gathering or assembly of a significant number of military personnel, usually employed for a specific purpose or engaged in a shared mission. This collective noun phrase aptly captures the sense of unity, strength, and coord...

Example sentence

"A cluster of troops gathered around the commanding officer, awaiting their orders for the day."


Cohort Of Troops

A cohort of troops refers to a cohesive and unified group of soldiers, united by a common purpose or mission. Forming an essential component of military operations, a cohort typically consists of smaller military units, such as platoons or squads, working...

Example sentence

"The commander strategically positioned his cohort of troops along the borders to protect the nation."


Column Of Troops

A column of troops refers to a group or formation of armed personnel who march together in an orderly manner. This collective noun phrase depicts a specific arrangement where soldiers are organized in a long and narrow line, with each person following the...

Example sentence

"As the general inspected the troops on the parade ground, he was impressed by the impressive display of discipline and precision of the column of troops."


Command Of Troops

Command of Troops is a dynamic and organized collective noun phrase that refers to a cohesive group of military forces under the authoritative guidance of a commander. It signifies the commanding officer's operational leadership and strategic control over...

Example sentence

"The general had full command of troops during the battle, strategically positioning them for maximum effect."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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