[21] Exploring the Dazzling Volume of Collective Nouns: A Plethora of Eye-Opening Examples!

A volume, in the context of collective nouns, refers to a large group or collection of items, objects, or people that are considered as a whole. While there are several collective nouns associated with volume, here are a few examples:

1. A volume of books: This collective noun refers to a large collection of books. It signifies a vast number of books compiled together, typically appearing in libraries or bookstores, creating an awe-inspiring sight for book lovers.

2. A volume of water: It describes a sizable body of water encompassing a specific area, such as an ocean, a lake, or a river. The term "volume" underscores the extensiveness and capacity of such water bodies, highlighting their vast amounts of water contained within.

3. A volume of sound: This collective noun refers to a significant amount of sound or noise generated by multiple sources altogether. For instance, a concert or a bustling market can be described as a volume of sound, emphasizing the combined effect of various voices or instruments producing an audible sensation.

4. A volume of sales: It denotes a large amount of sales achieved within a specified period by an organization or industry. This collective noun exemplifies substantial commercial success, highlighting the magnitude or richness of trade for a particular product or service.

5. A volume of traffic: Describing the conglomeration of vehicles on roads or highways, this term illustrates the quantity and congestion caused by the gathering of a significant number of vehicles at a particular location. It depicts a multitude of cars, buses, and other vehicles forming a notable traffic flow.

Collective nouns referring to volume often underline an expansive collection, extension, or accumulation of things that are prominent, extensive, or influential in their respective contexts.


Volume Of Collective Nouns

Volume of Collective Nouns refers to a comprehensive compilation of the numerous collective nouns used in the English language to describe groups of living beings, objects, or concepts. This extensive collection categorizes these collective nouns based on...

Example sentence

"The volume of collective nouns refers to the sheer number and diversity of these nouns in the English language."


Volume Of Comments

Volume of Comments refers to a collective noun phrase that quantifies the amount or intensity of comments received or generated in a particular context, commonly within the realms of digital content, social media, online forums, or discussions. It present...

Example sentence

"The volume of comments on social media platforms reached an all-time high during the election season."


Volume Of Debates

Volume of Debates refers to the accumulation or collection of discussions, deliberations, or arguments on various topics or issues. It portrays a vibrant and energetic atmosphere in which ideas and opinions are actively shared, contested, and explored. Th...

Example sentence

"The volume of debates in the political arena has reached an all-time high in recent months."


Volume Of Definitions

The collective noun phrase Volume of Definitions depicts an extensive compilation of thorough and expansive explanations of various concepts, terms, and ideas. This volume encompasses a vast range of subjects and seeks to provide clarity and comprehensive...

Example sentence

"The volume of definitions available in the encyclopedia is an essential resource for students conducting research."


Volume Of Discoveries

The collective noun phrase Volume of Discoveries refers to a vast repository or accumulation of various knowledge, explorations, breakthroughs, or findings. The term signifies a considerable quantity or multitude of remarkable or significant discoveries m...

Example sentence

"The volume of discoveries in the field of medicine has led to significant progress in treating various diseases."


Volume Of Grain

Volume of Grain refers to the measurement of the total amount of grain produced or stored in a given location or period of time. This collective noun phrase explicitly denotes a quantifiable metric of grains, encompassing different types such as wheat, ri...

Example sentence

"The volume of grain stored in our silos has reached an all-time high."


Volume Of Graphs

Volume of Graphs is a collective noun phrase that refers to the collective quantifiable measurement or size of various types of graphs. The term volume is usually associated with three-dimensional objects, implying that graphs can be viewed and analyzed a...

Example sentence

"The volume of graphs represents the overall quantity of data points within a given graphical representation."


Volume Of Insults

The collective noun phrase Volume of Insults pertains to an imaginary compilation or assemblage of numerous offensive or disdainful remarks gathered together. It captures the essence of a substantial collection or massive compendium of strong verbal attac...

Example sentence

"The volume of insults hurled during the heated argument was shocking."


Volume Of Nouns

Volume of Nouns is a captivating and expansive collective noun phrase that represents a sheer abundance and magnitude of nouns. Combining the concept of volume, which implies a substantial amount, with the vast variety of nouns, this phrase alludes to the...

Example sentence

"The volume of nouns in this particular list is quite high, indicating their frequency of usage."


Volume Of Paragraphs

Volume of Paragraphs is a captivating and thought-provoking collective noun phrase that aptly describes a rich and expansive collection of written thoughts and ideas, seamlessly woven together into paragraphs. It signifies a harmonious unity of diverse su...

Example sentence

"The volume of paragraphs in the document was overwhelming, making it hard to find the essential information quickly."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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