[38] Wallet of Walruses: Uncovering the Fascinating World of Collective Nouns for Walruses

A collective noun is a term used to group or describe a collection of individuals of a specific species. In the case of walruses, these social marine mammals belong to the family Odobenidae and form tightly-knit communities known as herds, haulouts, or pods. While each of these terms can refer to different aspects of their communal behavior, collectively they exemplify the diverse and fascinating social structures of walruses.

Firstly, herds refer specifically to the grouping of walrus females and their young offspring. Female walruses typically gather in these herds during the reproductive season to give birth and care for their young. These groups can range in size from a few individuals to several dozen, and they exhibit strong bonds as mothers collaborate to protect and raise their calves.

Secondly, haulouts describe gatherings of adult walrus males of various ages. These haulouts are typically formed during the reproductive off-season and are characterized by large males of impressive size and tusks. The purpose of haulouts is for males to establish social hierarchies, engage in mating rituals, and rest between foraging trips. Haulouts can be considerable in number, with individuals often seen piled together in tight spaces, creating a visually striking spectacle.

Moreover, the term "pod" can also be used to describe a group of walruses, which includes all members of a particular walrus community. Pods are more encompassing than herds or haulouts, representing the complete social unit of a particular geographical area. These groups can consist of both males and non-breeding females, and each pod has its own dynamic and social structure.

Throughout these different collective nouns, walruses exhibit the cooperative nature of their species. By grouping together, they engage in various hierarchical interactions, protective behaviors, and communal activities that strengthen their social bonds. Understanding these collective nouns helps us appreciate the incredible social dynamics of walruses and their crucial role in their marine ecosystems.


Arctic Of Walruses

Arctic of Walruses refers to a grouping or community of walruses, predominantly found in the Arctic regions. This collective noun exemplifies the social nature of walruses and their tendency to congregate in large herds on ice floes or coastal beaches. Ty...

Example sentence

"An Arctic of walruses can often be seen balancing on floating icebergs."


Aurora Of Walruses

An Aurora of Walruses refers to a unique gathering or assembly of these majestic creatures. Named after the stunning natural phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), this collective noun phrase perfectly captures the enchanting and ethereal be...

Example sentence

"An aurora of walruses gracefully swam through the icy waters, their magnificent presence shining under the northern lights."


Bask Of Walruses

A bask of walruses refers to a gathering or group of these majestic marine mammals. A formidable and mesmerizing sight, a bask of walruses is often seen resting or relaxing on ice floes or sandy beaches in close proximity to one another. Each individual w...

Example sentence

"A bask of walruses lazily swims in the icy waters of the Arctic, their massive bodies gracefully gliding through the waves."


Bellow Of Walruses

A bellow of walruses is a captivating sight as this unique collective noun refers to a grouped gathering of these remarkable marine mammals. As they congregate on land or ice floes, their deep and mighty vocalizations resonate through the air, immersing t...

Example sentence

"We spotted a bellow of walruses swimming in the Arctic waters."


Bellowing Of Walruses

A bellowing of walruses refers to a distinctive and captivating sight witnessed in the natural environment of these magnificent marine mammals. This collective noun phrase depicts a group of walruses vocalizing with intensity and resonance, creating an aw...

Example sentence

"The bellowing of walruses echoed across the icy shore, carrying their deep and thunderous calls throughout the Arctic landscape."


Blubber Of Walruses

Blubber of Walruses is a fascinating collective noun phrase that perfectly captures the unique characteristics and nature of these amazing marine mammals. Consisting of a group of walruses swimming, sunbathing, or frolicking in their natural habitat, this...

Example sentence

"A blubber of walruses gathered on the ice, their massive bodies huddled together for warmth."


Bulk Of Walruses

A bulk of walruses refers to a large group of these impressive marine mammals gathered together. Walruses are characterized by their distinctive physical features, including their robust bodies, prominent tusks, and thick skins. When multiple walruses con...

Example sentence

"The bulk of walruses can often be spotted on isolated Arctic beaches, lounging together in large groups."


Chorus Of Walruses

A Chorus of Walruses refers to a fascinating and captivating group of these massive marine mammals. In the dynamic world beneath the waves, these majestic creatures come together in harmonious harmony, creating a truly enchanting spectacle. A chorus, sign...

Example sentence

"A chorus of walruses could be heard from the shore, their booming cries carrying over the waves."


Clan Of Walruses

The phrase Clan of Walruses refers to a unique and fascinating group of walruses that share a collective bond and interact in a social structure. As a collective noun, clan suggests a sense of unity, cooperation, and familial ties within this particular g...

Example sentence

"The clan of walruses huddled together on the icy coastline, their massive bodies creating a formidable sight."


Clash Of Walruses

Clash of Walruses is an evocative collective noun phrase that vividly captures the majestic presence and sheer power of these magnificent marine mammals. It refers to an awe-inspiring gathering of walruses in their natural habitat, showcasing their bulkin...

Example sentence

"A clash of walruses is a fascinating sight to behold in the Arctic."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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