[34] Unlocking the Word Vault: Exploring Collective Nouns for Writers

A collective noun for writers can be referred to as an "anthology" or a "composition." This unique grouping encompasses a collective of writers who come together to create and share their works within a single volume or publication. Whether it comprises stories, poems, or essays, an anthology signifies the collective efforts and diverse voices from writers contributing to a common literary endeavor. Working together, these writers unite their comprehensive range of experiences, perspectives, and writing styles, showcasing the richness and vibrancy of their craft. An anthology facilitates the cohesive expression of their creative ambitions, yielding an evocative compilation that harnesses the collective power of the written word.


Academy Of Writers

The Academy of Writers can be defined as a gathering or association of individuals who are dedicated to the craft of writing, sharing a common passion for the written word. This collective noun phrase represents a community of wordsmiths, bringing togethe...

Example sentence

"The Academy of Writers conducted a series of workshops to enhance the writing skills of aspiring authors."


Band of Writers

A band of writers refers to a gathering or a collective group of individuals who share a passion for writing. Within this plural noun phrase, the term band carries a connotation of solidarity and unity, emphasizing the collaborative and supportive nature ...

Example sentence

"The band of writers met at the coffee shop to brainstorm ideas for their next novel."


Battery Of Writers

A 'battery of writers' refers to a group or assembly of individuals who engage in the art or profession of writing. Categorized as a collective noun phrase, this expression emphasizes a cohesive unity and formidable strength possessed by these writers as ...

Example sentence

"The battery of writers worked tirelessly to produce compelling stories for the newspaper."


Bench Of Writers

A bench of writers refers to a group or gathering of writers who come together in a shared space or communal setting to exchange ideas, engage in discussions, and work on their individual creative projects. This collective noun conveys the image of writer...

Example sentence

"A bench of writers gathered in the park, each deep in thought as they scribbled furiously in their notebooks."


Block Of Writers

A block of writers refers to a gathering or collection of individuals who have come together to pursue the craft of writing. This diverse group of talented wordsmiths showcases a shared passion for the written word and an unwavering commitment to honing t...

Example sentence

"A block of writers huddled together in the coffee shop, their laptops scattered across the table as they scribbled frantically."


Bond Of Writers

A bond of writers is a unique and powerful collective noun phrase that refers to a group of individuals who share a common passion and talent for writing. This assembly of creative minds forms a united and supportive community, bridging the realms of imag...

Example sentence

"The Bond of Writers gathered at their annual retreat to share ideas and inspire each other."


Building Of Writers

The building of writers refers to a group or community of individuals who share a common passion and skill for writing. This collective noun phrase symbolizes a physical or virtual space that writers gather in to share their creative ideas, exchange feedb...

Example sentence

"The building of writers gathered for their weekly critique session."


Cadre Of Writers

A cadre of writers is a group or team of highly skilled individuals proficient in the art of writing. This collective noun phrase represents a cohesive unit of creative minds who come together to produce engaging and compelling written content. Each membe...

Example sentence

"The cadre of writers at the conference shared their experiences and insights during the panel discussion."


Caste Of Writers

A caste of writers is a peculiar and illustrious group brought together by a shared passion for penning stories, articulating thoughts, and capturing emotions with words. In this collective noun phrase, each member is not simply an individual writer; they...

Example sentence

"The annual literary festival was teeming with a caste of writers, each eager to share their latest works."


Class Of Writers

A class of writers is a specialized group of individuals with a shared interest and profession in writing. Within this collective noun, class reinforces the idea of a collective unit, representing the unity among these writers as they pursue their craft. ...

Example sentence

"The class of writers submitted their final manuscripts for publication."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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