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Collective nouns for youths refer to terms that are used to collectively describe groups or gatherings of young people or adolescents. These collective nouns encapsulate a shared attribute or identify a social dynamic within groups of youth.

Examples of collective nouns for youths include "a clique of teens," "a classroom of students," "a squad of teenagers," "a flock of adolescents," or "a peer group of youths." These terms highlight the cohesiveness of youth communities while shedding light on the specific relational aspect between teenagers or young people.

Such collective nouns are often utilized in various contexts – from casual conversations, educational settings, to literature – to depict the shared experiences, friendships, and distinct youth culture present within these congregations. They carry connotations of camaraderie, solidarity, and the unique social aspect that is central to the lives of young individuals.

Collective nouns for youths allow us to conceptualize and capture the dynamics of youth interactions, highlighting their sense of identity and belonging as they navigate the challenges and adventures of adolescence.


Bubble Of Youths

Bubble of Youths refers to a gathering or collective noun phrase used to describe a vibrant and energetic group of young individuals. Symbolizing youth exuberance and vitality, this unique phrase encapsulates the essence of a united community characterize...

Example sentence

"A bubble of youths gathered in the park, laughing and chatting excitedly."


Gang Of Youths

A Gang of Youths is a vibrant and spirited collective noun phrase that refers to a group of young people coming together to form a tight-knit community characterized by their shared energy, aspirations, and enthusiasm. This phrase encapsulates the essence...

Example sentence

"Gang of Youths is an Australian rock band known for their poignant lyrics and energetic performances."


Legion Of Youths

Legion of Youths is a captivating collective noun phrase that encapsulates the vibrant energy and communal spirit of a large group of young individuals. The word legion immediately conjures images of an empowered and diverse community working collectively...

Example sentence

"The Legion of Youths gathered in the park to discuss environmental activism."


Troop of Youths

A troop of youths refers to a gathering or group of young individuals who come together with a common purpose, often displaying characteristics of enthusiasm, energy, and vibrancy. This phrase encapsulates the spirit, potential, and unity of a collective ...

Example sentence

"A troop of youths gathered at the park, their laughter and energy filling the air."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.


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