[23] Angelic Assemblage: Exploring Collective Nouns for Groups of Angels

Collective nouns are words used to describe a group of entities or things. While angels are typically thought of as divine beings, in certain contexts, referring to them in groups could require a collective noun. However, it's worth noting that angels are often depicted as individuals, rather than being described in large congregations. Nonetheless, if one were to contemplate a scenario where multiple angels are referred to together, the term "choir" could aptly serve as a collective noun. This term draws from its traditional association with a heavenly-sounding choir of angelic voices, reflecting the harmony and beauty that their collective presence evokes. Though unique to the English language, the term "choir of angels" persists in both religious and literary works, symbolizing a melodic atmosphere and celestial assembly of these divine beings. While collective nouns for angels might dwell on imagination and artistic representation, the concept of describing this ethereal group as a "choir" captures the essence of angelic presence and nurture the imagination on heavenly plains.


Assembly Of Angels

An assembly of angels is a figurative and poetic term used to describe a gathering or congregation of celestial beings called angels. Imagine a captivating scene, where hundreds or even thousands of ethereal entities unite in a harmonious realm beyond Ear...

Example sentence

"An assembly of angels gathered in heaven to commemorate the triumph."


Blessing Of Angels

A Blessing of Angels is a stunning and ethereal collective noun phrase that evokes images of celestial beings clothed in radiant white, wings shimmering in the gentle breeze, and halos glowing with a divine light. This enchanting term describes a gatherin...

Example sentence

"A blessing of angels filled the church with their radiance, filling the air with a sense of divine protection."


Carol Of Angels

The phrase Carol of Angels refers to a delightful and enchanting group of celestial beings joined together in a harmonious chorus, evoking a sense of wonder and divine presence. Angels, as heavenly creatures associated with grace, purity, and divine messe...

Example sentence

"The Carol of Angels filled the church, as a dozen celestial beings sang out in harmonious chorus."


Choir of Angels

A Choir of Angels is a majestic and ethereal assemblage of celestial beings, whose purpose is to harmoniously praise and glorify the divine realm. Resplendent in their shimmering robes and adorned with radiant wings, they exude an aura of serenity and ser...

Example sentence

"As the midnight Mass began, a choir of angels descended from the heavens, their harmonious voices filling the church."


Chorus of Angels

A Chorus of Angels is a beautiful and mystical collective noun phrase that depicts a group of celestial beings united in harmony and spiritual essence. This phrase encapsulates the belief in the existence of ethereal beings given the divine task of singin...

Example sentence

"As the sun set, a chorus of angels descended upon the cathedral, their voices resonating through the stained glass windows."


Company Of Angels

A Company of Angels can be described as a graceful and celestial gathering of divine beings, renowned for their harmonious presence and celestial assistance. This collective noun phrase is often used to signify a group or assembly of these otherworldly be...

Example sentence

"A company of angels hovered over the newborn child, bestowing their blessings upon it."


Congregation Of Angels

A congregation of angels refers to a captivating and awe-inspiring spectacle created by a group of celestial beings known for their Divinity and spiritual beauty. Converging together harmoniously, this enchanting group showcases the unity and celestial gr...

Example sentence

"A congregation of angels descended from the heavens, their wings sparkling with radiant light."


Exaltation Of Angels

Exaltation of Angels is a profound and evocative collective noun phrase that encapsulates the majestic congregation of celestial beings known as angels. This striking term signifies the gathering of these ethereal entities, casting a captivating aura of r...

Example sentence

"In the exaltation of angels, heavenly bodies gracefully descend from the skies, shimmering with radiant wings."


Flight of Angels

Flight of Angels is a beautifully poetic collective noun phrase meaning a gathering or group of angels taking to flight. It evokes a sense of awe, grace, and divine wonder as it paints a vivid picture of celestial beings soaring through the heavens. This ...

Example sentence

"A flight of angels descended upon the church, filling it with an ethereal glow."


Gathering Of Angels

A Gathering of Angels is a momentous and ethereal sight, where celestial beings meet in harmonious unity. The collective noun phrase denotes the enigmatic assembly of angels from various celestial spheres, bringing together divine beings with soaring wing...

Example sentence

"The gathering of angels spread their divine wings and filled the sky with their celestial glow."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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