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Angelic Assemblage: Exploring Collective Nouns for Groups of Angels

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Collective nouns are words used to describe a group of entities or things. While angels are typically thought of as divine beings, in certain contexts, referring to them in groups could require a collective noun. However, it's worth noting that angels are often depicted as individuals, rather than being described in large congregations. Nonetheless, if one were to contemplate a scenario where multiple angels are referred to together, the term "choir" could aptly serve as a collective noun. This term draws from its traditional association with a heavenly-sounding choir of angelic voices, reflecting the harmony and beauty that their collective presence evokes. Though unique to the English language, the term "choir of angels" persists in both religious and literary works, symbolizing a melodic atmosphere and celestial assembly of these divine beings. While collective nouns for angels might dwell on imagination and artistic representation, the concept of describing this ethereal group as a "choir" captures the essence of angelic presence and nurture the imagination on heavenly plains.

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