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Bustling with Bundles: Exploring Collective Noun Examples with the Word ‘Bundle’

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A "bundle" refers to a collection or group of items that are bound or tied together. While it is not commonly used as a collective noun to describe a group of living beings, it can be occasionally used in specific contexts. Here are a few example sentences illustrating its usage as a collective noun:

1. A bundle of joy: This phrase is often used to describe a group of newborn babies in a nursery or hospital ward. It emphasizes the overwhelming happiness and excitement associated with the arrival of multiple babies at once.

2. A bundle of nerves: This expression implies that a person is extremely anxious, stressed or edgy. It refers to the notion that excessive nerves or emotions are gathered together, forming a figurative "bundle" inside someone.

3. A bundle of rags: This term is used to describe a group of old or discarded pieces of fabric or clothing that have been tied together haphazardly. In this sense, it emphasizes the disorganization or disorderliness of the collection.

4. A bundle of sticks: This phrase comes from Aesop's Fable "The Bundle of Sticks" and suggests the power of unity. It symbolizes that a group of individuals coming together can be stronger and more resilient than when they stand alone.

It is important to note that while some collective nouns are standardized and commonly recognized, others might be specific to certain dialects or regions, and their usage may vary. The context and intended meaning of the word "bundle" will typically determine whether it is being used as a collective noun.

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