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The Covert Clique: Unmasking Collective Noun Examples

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A covert is a term used to describe a collective noun that refers to a group or collection of secretive animals or individuals typically hidden or shielded from view. It represents the essence of secrecy and is commonly associated with wildlife, military operations, or clandestine gatherings. Within this category, several specific collective nouns that adopt the term "covert" can be identified to depict different groupings of preferred species:

1. A covert of spies: This represents a collection of secretive agents or intelligence officers operating undercover or engaged in espionage activities. It emphasizes the discrete nature of their work and highlights their coordinated efforts to obtain confidential information.

2. A covert of birds: This is a collective noun that refers to a cluster or group of concealed birds, typically perched or hidden from sight. It captures the image of avian species tucked away within vegetation, forests, or thickets, safeguarding their nests or seeking shelter from potential predators.

3. A covert of thieves: This describes a gathering or assemblage of stealthy criminals working together to achieve common illicit objectives. The term emphasizes their covert practices and collaborative scheming, often engaged in theft, deception, or nefarious activities.

4. A covert of spies: While similar to a covert of spies, this particular grouping represents a specific collective noun associated with spies gathered or operating in a particular location, observatory, or headquarters. It symbolizes the secrecy surrounding their shared intelligence, encrypted communication, and diligent surveillance efforts.

In conclusion, collective nouns with the word covert encompass a range of secretive entities including spies, birds, thieves, or even military operations. They evoke the clandestine nature of these groups and reflect the acts of stealth, concealment, and organized collaboration that define their respective fields.

Covert of Coots

A covert of coots is a mesmerizing sight to behold. This collective noun phrase describes a group of coots, a common type of water bird found in varied habitats. The word covert refers to a hidden or sheltered place, and it perfectly captures the essence ...

Example sentence: A covert of coots was swimming gracefully across the calm lake, their black feathers glistening in the sun


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