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Dray Your Eyes on These Marvelous Collective Noun Examples!

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A dray is a type of cart or carriage used for carrying heavy goods or loads. When used as a collective noun, a "dray" can describe a group of horses or oxen working together to pull such carts. In this context, they are often known as a dray team. With their sheer power and teamwork, dray teams have been indispensable in various endeavors throughout history, especially in agriculture, construction, and transportation. These formidable equine or bovine entities braided into a unified force, symbolizing both synergy and efficiency, remind us of the power found in collaboration. The sight of a dray team pulls awe from onlookers as the harmonious synchronization of these creatures seamlessly results in the successful movement of bulky, unwieldy loads from point A to point B. Thus, a dray becomes a striking example of collective noun showcasing the very essence of collaboration and the sheer strength that stems from cooperation.

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