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Eleven Extraordinary Collective Noun Examples To Expand Your Vocabulary

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A collective noun refers to a group of people, animals, or things as a single unit. When it comes to the word "eleven," there aren't many examples of specific collective nouns associated with this number. However, the concept of "eleven" can be used to form figurative or creative collective nouns. Here are a few examples:

1. A Clutch of Eleven Membership Cards: When a group of friends or colleagues each has an annual membership card to a specific place, such as a gym or club, they can be referred to collectively as a clutch of eleven membership cards.

2. A Crash of Eleven Bicycles: In a scenario where a group of cyclists ride closely together, creating a loud clatter or crashing sound due to the proximity, they can humorously be described as a crash of eleven bicycles.

3. A Querulous of Eleven Storytellers: Imagine a group of people, each trying to gain attention and eager to share their tales or experiences, but in a rather disruptive or critical manner. This group could be playfully referred to as a querulous of eleven storytellers.

4. An Array of Eleven Picture Frames: In an aesthetic setting like an art gallery or an elegant room, where precisely arranged picture frames showcase various artworks, they could be collectively called an array of eleven picture frames, elegantly presented in a specific arrangement.

Remember, these examples might not be common or recognized collective nouns, but they demonstrate how the word "eleven" can be adapted creatively to form unique collective expressions.


Eleven of Cricketers

An eleven of cricketers refers to a group of eleven individuals who partake in the game of cricket. Cricket is a popular sport played worldwide, and an eleven of cricketers represents a complete team comprising members skilled in various aspects of the ga...

Example sentence: Eleven of cricketers emerged onto the field, ready to take on the challenging opponents



Eleven of Footballers

An eleven of footballers refers to a designated group of eleven individuals who are part of a football team playing on the field. This collective noun phrase is commonly used to identify a complete starting lineup in football matches and signifies a team'...

Example sentence: Eleven of footballers passed the ball flawlessly, displaying incredible teamwork and precision


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