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The Flap of Flamingos and Other Collective Noun Examples

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A collective noun describes a group of individuals or things as a single unit. One interesting and uncommon collective noun associated with the word "flap" is a "flap of wings." This creative term portrays the mesmerizing and synchronized movement of a cohesive group of wings, highlighting the enchanting yet fleeting grace of birds, butterflies, or even bats in flight. Juxtaposing the fluttering motion and the unison brought about by this collective noun illustrates a sense of harmony and rhythm inherent in nature. The contextualized use of this poetic collective noun enriches and adds figurative depth when describing the remarkable aerial movements and visually captivating displays of creatures' wings across different settings and landscapes.


Flap of Nuns

A flap of nuns is a fascinating collective noun phrase that conjures up a delightful visual of these dedicated women gathered together in a group. This unique term refers to a gathering or assembly of nuns, emphasizing their unity, camaraderie, and shared...

Example sentence: A flap of nuns came marching down the street, their flowing habits billowing in the wind



Flap of Hens

A flap of hens is a delightful collective noun phrase used to describe a group of hens gathered together, engaging in their typical antics and behaviors. It vividly captures the image of these feathered creatures as they flutter, cluck, and move about in ...

Example sentence: A flap of hens strutted around the barnyard, chasing after each other for the tastiest worm in the soil



Flap of Idiots

Flap of Idiots is a lively collective noun phrase that humorously represents a group of individuals whose actions or behavior are deemed unintelligent or lacking common sense. The word flap adds an element of movement, suggesting a chaotic and disorganize...

Example sentence: During the town council meeting, a flap of idiots tried to propose a completely absurd law that had no basis or reason


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