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Garrison: Unveiling the Power of Collective Nouns – Exploring Captivating Examples

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A garrison is a collective noun used to describe a group or collective of soldiers or military personnel stationed in a particular location for defensive purposes. It can be typically seen in the context of medieval warfare, where a garrison would be responsible for the defense of a fortress, castle, or a city. The soldiers forming a garrison often represent a diverse range of skills and specializations, including infantry, archers, and knights. A garrison may consist of a few dozen soldiers to several hundred, depending on the size and importance of the stronghold being protected. Generally, a garrison's aim is to discourage attacks, maintain control over the territory, and provide a secure base of operations for military operations. Some examples of collective nouns that can be used with the word garrison are "a garrison of infantry," "a garrison of knights," or "a garrison of guards." A well-maintained garrison can significantly bolster the defense of a strategic location and ensure the safety and survival of its inhabitants.


Garrison of Soldiers

A garrison of soldiers refers to a group or assembly of armed individuals who are regularly stationed or deployed to protect a castle, fort, or military base. This collective noun phrase depicts the coordinated and well-organized unit that is responsible ...

Example sentence: The garrison of soldiers marched in perfect formation during the morning parade



Garrison of Troops

A garrison of troops refers to a specific and organized group of military personnel stationed in an area to provide protection and defense. This collective noun phrase applies to a significant number of soldiers, typically deployed to a specific military ...

Example sentence: The garrison of troops advanced steadily towards the enemy's position, prepared for the upcoming battle


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