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Hanging by a Jangle: Exploring Unique Collective Noun Examples

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A jangle, also known as a cluster or a cacophony, refers to a specific collective noun that describes a group of objects causing discordant sounds or unpleasant noise. It alludes to an atmosphere of incessant clashing or clattering noises, reminiscent of the chaotic cacophony that ensues when various metallic objects strike against one another.

Another way to think of such a jangle is as a collection of objects or elements that create a harmony of dissonance - a contrasting blend of out-of-sync sensations. This unique collective noun highlights a collection of things that might not inherently belong together, yet somehow converge, producing a remarkable and contrasting symphony of sound or image.

Imagining examples of collectives in contexts such as a musical scenario, a jangle can involve musical instruments such as a gathering of jangly tambourines, countless percussive cymbals, clashing triangles, jingling tambourines, or even a band of discordant keys and bells. Inventive interpretations could lead to more metaphorical clustering as well, including a chaotic combination of tangled bracelets, linked chains, or cascading wind chimes.

In essence, a jangle serves as a vibrant and descriptive collective noun, portraying a visually or audibly stimulating assemblage of elements or objects entangled in captivating mayhem, generating a synesthetic collage that enthralls the senses.

Jangle of Keys

A jangle of keys refers to a vibrant and musical collective noun phrase used to describe a group of keys, typically carrying various shapes, sizes, and purposes. When they come together, whether dangling from a locksmith's belt, hanging on a hook, or dang...

Example sentence: I heard a jangle of keys coming from the hallway as the guards made their rounds


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