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The Kernel’s Collective: Surprising Examples of Collective Nouns with ‘Kernel’

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A collective noun is a word that represents a group of people, animals, or things. When referring to a group of kernels, we can use the collective noun "commotion" or "salvo".

1. Commotion of Kernels: This collective noun refers to a lively group of kernels, usually in motion or movement. It captures the idea of chaos and energy that may be felt as kernels collide or bounce against each other.

2. Salvo of Kernels: The term "salvo" generally implies a simultaneous discharge or release, and when applied to kernels, it represents a sudden and synchronized burst or eruption. This collective noun suggests a cluster of kernels being tossed or scattered in a fast and explosive manner.

Both collective nouns convey the visual image of kernels functioning as a unit, highlighting the inherent energy and motion associated with this group of small food items.

Kernel of Corn

The collective noun phrase kernel of corn refers to a cluster or group of individual corn kernels. Corn kernels are the small, seed-like units that make up the whole corn cob. While each kernel is a separate entity, when they come together in a group, the...

Example sentence: I accidentally spilled a kernel of corn on the kitchen floor


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