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Exploring the World of Collective Nouns: A Fleet of Lorries!

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A collective noun for lorries is a fleet. A fleet is a term used to describe a group or collection of vehicles, specifically lorries, operating under the same ownership or organization. These lorries within the fleet may vary in size, shape, and purpose, such as transportation, logistics, or delivery services. Fleets are often found in various industries such as freight transportation companies, logistics corporations, or even government organizations responsible for road maintenance or moving large amounts of goods. The collective noun "fleet" emphasizes the harmonious coordination and cohesive operation of multiple lorries, working together to achieve a common objective efficiently and effectively. In addition to their functional importance, fleets of lorries play a critical role in maintaining the smooth flow of commerce, infrastructure development, and strive towards sustainable transport solutions.


Convoy of Lorries

A convoy of lorries is an impressive sight on the roads. It refers to a line or group of large commercial trucks traveling together as a unit, usually transporting goods from one place to another. The collective noun phrase convoy captures the essence of ...

Example sentence: The convoy of lorries stretched for miles, as they made their way through the winding mountain roads



Fleet of Lorries

A fleet of lorries refers to a grouping or collection of trucks or large vehicles, typically used for transporting goods or materials over long distances. This collective noun phrase encompasses the organized assembly of heavy-duty vehicles designed to ha...

Example sentence: The fleet of lorries arrived at the shipping yard, ready to transport goods across the country


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