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Unveiling the Hidden Wisdom: Manuscript as a Collective Noun Examples

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Collective noun examples related to manuscripts include:

1. Archive: A vast collection of manuscripts and documents, often organized chronologically or thematically.
2. Library: A repository that houses a wide range of manuscripts, from ancient writings to contemporary texts.
3. Collection: A curated assembly of manuscripts, brought together with a common purpose or theme. Examples include the Wilson Manuscript Collection or the Rothschild Collection.
4. Compilation: A collective noun used to describe a selection of manuscripts compiled or assembled based on a shared characteristic, such as period or genre.
5. Catalog: A collective term that denotes a comprehensive listing or inventory of manuscripts, including descriptions, attributes, and historical context.
6. Repository: A storage facility or institution where a significant quantity of manuscripts is systematically preserved and made accessible for research or public viewing.
7. Assortment: A general term used to depict a varied assortment of manuscripts, wherein the texts may not necessarily share a common attribute or theme.
8. Horde: A word often used metaphorically to refer to a large accumulation or a treasure trove of manuscripts, depicting scattered or unorganized manuscript holdings in great numbers.
9. Hoard: Similar to a horde, the term "hoard" suggests an extensive and precious collection of manuscripts that is consolidated and carefully protected.
10. Ensemble: A collection of manuscripts regarded as a whole or within a specific context, often complemented by accompanying artifacts such as illustrations or annotations.

These collective nouns not only highlight the quantity or organization of manuscripts but also emphasize the broader cultural, historic, or academic significance attached to these valuable written works.


Manuscript of Prose

The collective noun phrase Manuscript of Prose refers to a compilation or collection of written texts that are in the form of prose. A manuscript is an original document or piece of writing written by hand before the invention of printing, while prose is ...

Example sentence: The Manuscript of Prose contains a variety of stories, essays, and personal reflections



Manuscript of Writings

A manuscript of writings refers to a comprehensive collection or body of written works by one or several authors, gathered together in a coherent and organized manner. It encompasses various written forms like books, novels, essays, poems, plays, or even ...

Example sentence: The Manuscript of Writings holds the wisdom of countless generations, encapsulating centuries of knowledge and ideas


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