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Mutated Marvels: Unveiling the Bizarre World of Collective Noun Examples

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Collective noun examples with the word "mutation" refer to specific groups or collections of living organisms that have undergone genetic changes resulting in distinctive characteristics. These groups of mutated organisms exhibit traits that tend to differ from the typical characteristics of their species or population.

One example of a collective noun associated with mutation is a "mutation of animals." In this collective noun, animals of the same species that show unusual and distinct physical features as a result of novel genetic mutations are grouped together. This could include animals with unique color patterns, alterations in body shapes or sizes, or other genetic variations that distinguish them from their regular counterparts.

Another example would be a "mutation of bacteria." This collective noun refers to a collection of bacteria that have acquired specific genetic variations or genetic material through mutation. These mutated strains might exhibit enhanced resistance to antibiotics, increased virulence, or new metabolic capabilities compared to the parental strains.

Other examples of collective nouns with the word "mutation" involve specific groups such as "mutation of plants," referring to a gathering of genetically altered plants displaying unforeseen characteristics. Additionally, a "mutation of humans" could denote a group of individuals showing observable genetic deviations that deviate from the standard genetic makeup of the human species.

Collective noun examples with the word "mutation" highlight the presence of distinctive genetic modifications within a defined group of organisms. These groups reinforce the vast and ever-evolving nature of genetics, demonstrating the possibility of unique biodiversity brought about by spontaneous genetic mutations.

Mutation of Thrushes

Mutation of Thrushes is a captivating collective noun phrase that describes a unique and intriguing phenomenon observed in the fascinating family of birds known as thrushes. Thrushes are medium-sized songbirds that belong to the Turdidae family. Typically...

Example sentence: The mutation of thrushes has scientists intrigued and puzzled as they study the genetic changes within this group of birds


Mutation of Bacteria

Mutation of Bacteria is a collective noun phrase that refers to the process by which bacterial organisms undergo genetic alterations or changes. It embodies the concept that bacteria, being adaptive entities, continuously acquire these mutations over time...

Example sentence: Mutation of bacteria can occur naturally or be induced by external factors such as radiation or chemicals


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