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Turning the Page: Collective Noun Examples to Enhance Your Vocabulary

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A collective noun is a word used to describe a group of people, animals, or objects. When it comes to page, certain collective nouns can be formed to describe a collective group:

1. Pile of Pages: This collective noun is used to describe a stack or heap of loose pages. It is commonly seen in bookstores or libraries, where newly printed books may be organized or displayed in stacks.

2. Ream of Pages: A ream refers to a standard quantity of sheets of paper, usually containing 500 pages. This collective noun is commonly used in offices or printing industries, where you may encounter phrases like "a ream of printed pages."

3. Volume of Pages: A volume typically indicates a book or a bound collection of writings. When used as a collective noun with "pages," it refers to a collection of pages that make up a book. This term is often used in the field of literature or when discussing libraries.

4. Manuscript of Pages: This collective noun is often used to describe a collection of handwritten or typewritten pages, typically forming a complete or partial work yet to be published. It is primarily used in academic or literary contexts.

5. Scroll of Pages: In historical contexts or depictions of ancient texts, a scroll refers to a rolled-up document made up of multiple pages. This collective noun is used to describe a roll of pages that have text written or inscribed on them, often associating with ancient manuscripts.

6. Notebook of Pages: A notebook consists of several sheets of paper bound together, forming a complete unit. When used as a collective noun with "pages," it denotes a collection of pages within a notebook. This term is often utilized in educational or office settings.

These collective nouns help create a descriptive language when referring to groups of pages in various contexts, highlighting different forms they can take and the roles they play within structures such as books, manuals, manuscripts, or organized stacks.

Page of Paragraphs

A page of paragraphs refers to a collection or grouping of paragraphs found within a written work, such as a book, article, or essay. It embodies the idea of a cohesive unit composed of multiple paragraphs, typically arranged one after another on a single...

Example sentence: A page of paragraphs is a collection of concise texts that contribute to a larger written composition


Page of Reporters

A page of reporters refers to a group of journalists or correspondents who are gathered together to cover a particular event or news story. Like a tightly-knit team, they form a cohesive unit focused on gathering information, interviews, and first-hand in...

Example sentence: A page of reporters swarmed around the scene to gather every detail of the breaking news


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