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Exploring Collective Noun Examples: A Comprehensive Review

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A collective noun is a class of words that represents a group of individuals or things as a singular unit. When combined with the word "review," the collective noun examples describe situations or actions involving the assessment or evaluation of a group. Here are some examples:

1. Panel review: In this approach, a group of experts or professionals convenes to evaluate and discuss a given topic or issue.

2. Peer review: This is a process where a group of individuals with similar expertise or knowledge reviews and evaluates each other's work, such as scientific articles or academic papers.

3. Performance review: Most commonly found in workplace settings, this collective noun describes the systematic evaluation of an employee's job performance by a group comprising managers, colleagues, or superiors.

4. Community review: In various fields like art, governance, or science, a community review involves soliciting feedback and opinions from a larger public or community instead of a select few individuals.

5. College admissions review: In this context, a group of college admissions officers comes together to evaluate and assess applicants' qualifications, accomplishments, and suitability for admission.

6. Book review: Alongside traditional critics, book review panels often bring in multiple reviewers to share their impressions, analyze the content, and provide an overall evaluation of a published work.

7. Film review: A collective noun for film reviews represents a group of reviewers who critique and analyze movies, evaluating aspects such as cinematography, plot, acting, and direction.

8. Product review: In the era of e-commerce, products are frequently subjected to collective noun reviews, where multiple customers provide feedback on their purchase experience and the item itself.

9. Quality assurance review: This collective noun pertains to a group of professionals or experts who assess and examine processes, operations, or products to ensure compliance with quality standards and identify areas for improvement.

10. Product development review: When creating a new product, a collective group of designers, engineers, marketers, and stakeholders comes together for regular review meetings to evaluate the progress, make adjustments, and guide the next steps in the development process.

In all these examples, the collective noun "review" represents the involvement of a group or collective in the evaluation, appraisal, analysis, or critique of an individual, work, or concept.


Review of Writings

The collective noun phrase Review of Writings represents a comprehensive evaluation of various written works, encompassing literary, academic, journalistic, or creative texts. This collective noun phrase brings together a group of reviewers, scholars, cri...

Example sentence: The Review of Writings committee met to discuss the latest submissions from aspiring authors



Review of Scores

Review of Scores is a comprehensive and analytical examination of various scores. It refers to a meticulous process of thoroughly evaluating individual scores, typically in the fields of music, sports, academics, or healthcare assessments, to identify pat...

Example sentence: The review of scores concluded that the orchestra's performance was exceptional


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