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A ‘Scold’ of Examples: Exploring Collective Nouns and their Insightful Secrets

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Collective noun examples with the word "scold" refer to a group of individuals who engage in the act of scolding collectively or commonly hold the same traits attributed to a person who scolds. Typically drawn from the behavior or characteristics associated with scolding, these collective nouns enable us to describe groups of people or animals in a more specific and vivid manner. While imaginative in essence, collective nouns with "scold" can aptly portray various collective activities, evoke feelings, or symbolize a shared purpose or mindset. A few examples of collective noun phrases related to scold may include a council of scolds, a choir of scolders, an uproar of scolding, a brigade of scoldmasters, or a congregation of scolding teachers. Such collective noun examples emphasize the activity of scolding while offering a unique and colorful way to describe a group in language.

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