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Scourge of Locusts, Murder of Crows, Siege of Mosquitoes: Unveiling the Fascinating World of Collective Nouns

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Collective noun examples with the word "scourge" include a scourge of locusts, a scourge of diseases, and a scourge of corruption.

When used in the context of a collective noun, the word scourge implies a devastating force or affliction that affects a large number of individuals or a specific area. Each of these collective nouns highlights the widespread and often catastrophic nature of the respective scourges.

A scourge of locusts is commonly used to describe a massive horde or swarm of these voracious insects. The collective noun emphasizes the destructive impact locusts can have when they descend upon crops and ravage entire agricultural regions in their quest for food.

Similarly, a scourge of diseases refers to a multitude of rampant and virulent illnesses that afflict a population or a specific area. This collective noun emphasizes the widespread chaos and suffering caused by an outbreak of several ailments at once, capturing the worsening effects as diseases spread rapidly and impact numerous individuals.

Lastly, a scourge of corruption refers to a pervasive and widespread problem characterized by dishonesty, bribery, and moral degradation among those in positions of power. By using the collective noun scourge in this context, it underscores the pervasive and destructive influence of corruption within a society or an organization.

In sum, the use of collective nouns exemplified by scourge highlights calamitous situations in which a destructive force, such as locusts, diseases, or corruption, drastically affects a collective or community. These collective nouns evoke a sense of urgency and highlight the devastating impact posed by these afflictions.


Scourge of Mosquitoes

A Scourge of Mosquitoes refers to a collective noun phrase used to describe a large number or swarm of mosquitoes. These blood-sucking insects have been known to cause great annoyance and discomfort to humans and animals alike, making the term scourge an ...

Example sentence: The scourge of mosquitoes swarmed around us as we frantically waved our hands to keep them at bay



Scourge of Rats

A scourge of rats is an evocative and vivid collective noun phrase that refers to a group or population of rats. It paints a mental picture of a menacing and destructive force, highlighting the detrimental effects rats can have on their surrounding enviro...

Example sentence: I was startled when a scourge of rats scurried across the alleyway, their beady eyes flashing in the dim light



Scourge of Demons

Scourge of Demons is a captivating and imposing collective noun phrase that describes a formidable and intimidating group of demonic entities. It evokes a vivid image of pure malevolence, chaos, and supernatural strength. Picture a horde of sinister creat...

Example sentence: A scourge of demons emerged from the depths of the underworld, ready to wreak havoc upon the mortal realm


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