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A Sord of Swans and Other Fascinating Collective Noun Examples

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A sord is a fascinating example of a collective noun. It is typically used to refer to a specific group of swordfish swimming together, creating a captivating sight for spectators. When numerous swordfish gather in close proximity, they form a dynamic collective known as a "sord." Swimming in synchronized patterns, the sord exhibits impressive coordination as they roam the vast ocean. It is common to spot this captivating ensemble in warmer oceanic regions, such as the Atlantic or Indo-Pacific, where swordfish are abundant. The formation of a sord denotes a remarkable manifestation of unity among these magnificent sea creatures, underscoring their ability to collaborate and coexist harmoniously. A sord of swordfish exudes strength, grace, and an awe-inspiring beauty, leaving observers mesmerized by the sheer power and elegance of nature at its finest.


Sord of Ducks

A sord of ducks is a rich and poetic collective noun phrase used to describe a group of ducks that have gathered together. It captures the serene and harmonious essence of these graceful and legendary waterfowls. Picture a tranquil scene in nature, with a...

Example sentence: A sord of ducks waddled gracefully along the pond's edge, their feathers shining in the early morning light



Sord of Mallards

A sord of mallards is a captivating collective noun used to describe a specific group of mallard ducks gathered together. Mallards are one of the most recognizable and widespread species of wild ducks known for their colorful appearance. When observing ...

Example sentence: A sord of mallards gathered at the lake, their vibrant feathers gleaming under the sun



Sord of Wildfowl

A sord of wildfowl is a collective noun phrase that refers to a specific gathering or group of different species of waterfowl. The term sord is derived from an Middle English word meaning flock or company, and highlights the distinctive behavior and appea...

Example sentence: A majestic sord of wildfowl soared across the sunset-streaked sky, their long necks outstretched in perfect formation


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