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Echoes of Desperation: Exploring the Collective Noun Phrase Sound of Cries

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The collective noun phrase Sound of Cries represents an evocative and poignant image from the world of sound. It is often used to describe a group or gathering of voices raised in distress, agony, or intense emotion. This collective noun phrase encapsulates the rawness and intensity of human expression, eluding to a scene filled with sheer vulnerability and deep suffering. The Sound of Cries conjures images of overwhelming anguish, heartbreaking pleas, and inconsolable grief that traverse cultures, boundaries, and languages. Whether originating from a crowd, a community, or an individual, this phrase synthesizes the multifaceted nature of human pain and exposes the interconnectedness of our experiences. It is a symbolic reminder of the power of voices uniting in shared hardship, speaking volumes without saying a single word.

Example sentences using Sound of Cries

1) The sound of cries echoed through the old haunted house, sending chills down my spine.

2) As I walked towards the source of the noise, I was met with a chaotic scene and a sound of cries filled the air.

3) The sound of cries grew louder as the distressed animals sought comfort in each other's presence, creating a desperate symphony of anguish.

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