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A Tantalizing Table of Collective Nouns: Exploring Examples That Will Leave You Fascinated!

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A collective noun refers to a group or collection of similar individuals, and when it comes to the table, several examples can illustrate how this noun applies. One common collective noun with the word "table" could be a "set" of tables. This refers to a arranged group of tables being used together for a specific purpose, such as dining or meeting. Additionally, a "fleet" of tables may be a collective noun in the context of catering, where a large number of tables are provided for an event or gathering. Another example often used in restaurants would be a "reservations" of tables, describing the group of tables that are specifically reserved for a particular set of guests. These collective nouns highlight the diverse contexts in which tables are utilized as integral components, allowing many collective activities to take place.

Table of Platters

The table of platters is an eye-catching sight that features an array of savory delicacies presented on a large, sturdy wooden table. This collective noun phrase refers to a decorative table arrangement symbolizing abundance and indulgence, often seen dur...

Example sentence: The catering staff brought out a beautiful table of platters for the event


Table of Scores

A Table of Scores refers to a collective group of numerical performance evaluations or ratings gathered and displayed in a structured format. Typically observed in competitive scenarios, academic settings, or sports events, a Table of Scores provides a co...

Example sentence: The Table of Scores displayed the final results of the tournament


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