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The Tumultuous World of Collective Nouns: Exploring Examples to Immerse Yourself in Linguistic Obscurity

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Collective nouns are words used to describe groups or collections of people, animals, or things. They are primarily used to refer to a single entity composed of multiple individuals or elements. The collective nouns that include the word "tumult" are frequently used to depict chaotic or noisy groups or situations. These examples encapsulate the concept of commotion, disorder, or a tumultuous gathering.

1. Tumult of Protesters: This collective noun describes a group of people actively voicing their concerns or demonstrating against a particular issue. The term "tumult" alludes to the cacophony and upheaval associated with protests, emphasizing the vigor and passion exhibited by these individuals for their cause.

2. Tumult of Students: This collective noun refers to a bustling, disorderly group of students. It highlights the energetic and sometimes unruly nature of this assembly, symbolizing a scenario filled with chatter, laughter, and exuberance often encountered in schools, colleges, or universities.

3. Tumult of Voters: This phrase alludes to an agitated or uproarious assembly of citizens participating in an election or political event. The term suggests a heated atmosphere characterized by fervor, heated discussions, and a general sense of disarray in the pursuit of exercising democratic rights.

4. Tumult of Birds: This collective noun describes a large flock or congregation of birds engaged in frenetic or noisy behavior. It captures the image of a boisterous and disorderly avian community, often encountered during migratory periods or in densely populated bird habitats, where their combined squawking and fluttering creates a raucous environment.

5. Tumult of Journals: This phrase represents a vast and unruly collection of written works or reading materials, typically found in libraries or scholarly settings. It personifies the disordered arrangement of numerous texts, signifying a volume of academic or literary sources that is vast, overwhelming, and stacked haphazardly.


Tumult of Tubas

A tumult of tubas is a vibrant and captivating collective noun phrase that brings to mind an enchanting and resounding scene. It perfectly encapsulates the raw power and euphonious synergy emanating from a gathering of tubas. The word tumult invokes a sen...

Example sentence: At the annual marching band competition, a deafening roar filled the air as the Tumult of Tubas performed their powerful melody



Tumult of Jackdaws

A Tumult of Jackdaws is a captivating collective noun phrase used to describe a group of jackdaws, which are striking and intelligent black birds belonging to the crow family. The word tumult illustrates the intense, lively, and chaotic nature of a gather...

Example sentence: As the sun began to set, a tumult of Jackdaws gathered on the nearby trees, creating an uproarious chatter that filled the air



Tumult of Laughs

A Tumult of Laughs refers to a dynamic and uproarious gathering of joyous amusement. When a group of people can't control their laughter and generate an immense amount of merriment and uproar, they can be described as a tumult of laughs. This collective n...

Example sentence: The comedic performance on stage created a tumult of laughs throughout the theater, as the audience burst into hysterical bouts of laughter



Tumult of Wind

Tumult of Wind is a captivating and imaginative collective noun phrase that encapsulates the explosive energy and wild nature of air in motion. It evokes a lively and turbulent image of swirling gusts, chaotic currents, and frenzied atmospheres. Tumult re...

Example sentence: During the storm, a tumult of wind roared through the trees, bending and creaking their branches



Tumult of Guinea Fowl

A tumult of Guinea fowl refers to a distinctive and impressive gathering of these unique African birds. These medium-sized, chicken-like creatures are known for their striking appearance and lively behavior when they come together. The term tumult aptly c...

Example sentence: A tumult of Guinea fowl took flight, creating a cacophony of loud cackling and flapping wings



Tumult of Demons

A Tumult of Demons is a vivid and captivating collective noun phrase that vividly conjures a chaotic scene where an unruly horde of supernatural beings is gathered. In this compelling image, Tumult portrays an intense and raucous commotion, suggesting a f...

Example sentence: The narrator described the chaos as a tumult of demons, their eerie laughter echoing through the night


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