[25] Turkey-Vultures: A kettle of redheads soaring across the skies

A wake of turkey-vultures is a striking collective noun used to describe a group of these remarkable birds. Known for their keen sense of smell and ability to spot carrion from great distances, turkey-vultures form cohesive and cooperative gatherings while fulfilling their ecological role as nature's clean-up crew. With their distinctive featherless red heads and wingspans that can reach up to six feet, these ancient and graceful scavengers congregate together both for foraging and roosting purposes.

When out in the sky, soaring effortlessly on thermals and air currents, a wake of turkey-vultures presents a mesmerizing sight. Their extraordinary flying skills, as they effortlessly glide and circle through the air, demonstrate a harmonious synchronization among the group. Each individual within the wake maintains its own designated airspace, respecting one another's dominance hierarchy established through subtle cues such as body positioning or wing placement.

For successful foraging endeavors, this collective noun showcases the turkey-vultures' communal behavior. When a wake locates a decayed carcass, they work together in a hierarchical manner, with a superior, specifically dominant individual descending first and claiming the most desirable piece. Others patiently await their turn, forming a harmonious line along the perimeter of the feeding site. This balanced approach ensures that every member benefits, minimizing confrontations and optimizing the efficiency of their feeding activities.

The social bonding and interaction doesn't end in the skies or during mealtime. During overnight roosts, where a significant number of turkey-vultures congregate in specific trees or structures, they foster a sense of community as they huddle closely together on branches or nearby perches. These overnight gatherings not only provide warmth and protection from predators but also allow for a valuable exchange of information, further reinforcing familial or social bonds within the wake.

Overall, a wake of turkey-vultures exemplifies the power and harmony within nature's systems. From their prevalent presence in the air to their organized feeding and roosting habits, these collective gatherings are a true testament to the strength of cooperation and unity among these remarkable birds.


Assembly Of Turkey Vultures

An assembly of Turkey Vultures is a remarkable sight to behold, as these magnificent birds gather together with a sense of purpose and unity. This unique collective noun phrase aptly captures the essence of these avian beings, conjuring an image of a sign...

Example sentence

"I witnessed an impressive sight in the sky today - an assembly of Turkey Vultures circling overhead, their wings outstretched."


Band Of Turkey Vultures

A band of turkey vultures is a captivating sight to behold. These magnificent birds are often seen soaring high in the sky, riding thermal updrafts with effortless grace. Characterized by their large size, dark plumage, and distinct red, featherless heads...

Example sentence

"As the sun started to set, a haunting sight appeared in the sky - a large band of turkey vultures soaring in perfect synchrony."


Brood Of Turkey Vultures

A brood of Turkey Vultures is a fascinating collective noun phrase that refers to a group of these distinct and intriguing birds. Turkey Vultures are large scavenger raptors found primarily in the Americas, known for their impressive wingspan and unique a...

Example sentence

"A brood of Turkey Vultures circled high in the sky, scanning the ground for their next meal."


Cast Of Turkey Vultures

A cast of Turkey vultures refers to a group of these distinctive scavenging birds, gathering together to collectively partake in various activities. Turkey vultures are large, dark- feathered birds characterized by their unique bald red heads. They are hi...

Example sentence

"The cast of Turkey vultures circled high above, searching for their next meal."


Circle Of Turkey Vultures

A Circle of Turkey Vultures refers to a mesmerizing spectacle observed when a group of these large, scavenging birds congregates together in flight, creating a circular formation. These imposing birds, with their distinct black feathers and red baldheads,...

Example sentence

"On a clear summer day, a circle of Turkey vultures soared gracefully above the tall trees, scanning the ground below for any signs of a potential feast."


Cluster Of Turkey Vultures

A cluster of Turkey Vultures refers to a group of these large, carrion-eating birds often found together within a specific vicinity. These distinctive birds are known for their sizable wingspreads, dark feathers, and featherless heads brightly adorned in ...

Example sentence

"A cluster of Turkey Vultures soared high in the sky, gliding effortlessly on the wind currents."


Collection Of Turkey Vultures

A collection of Turkey Vultures refers to a grouping or assembly of these unique birds of prey that are commonly found across North and South America. Turkey Vultures, scientifically known as Cathartes aura, are large and impressive scavengers known for t...

Example sentence

"The branches of the trees were filled with a swirling collection of turkey vultures, their dark feathers blending with the dark foliage."


Colony Of Turkey Vultures

A colony of Turkey Vultures is a remarkable sight to behold. These large, majestic birds gather together in a communal group, known as a colony, for various purposes, fostering a sense of unity and cohesion among their species. With their black plumage, b...

Example sentence

"I spotted a large colony of Turkey Vultures that had gathered in the clearing, eagerly waiting for their next meal."


Committee Of Turkey Vultures

A committee of Turkey vultures refers to a specific gathering or group of these majestic avian scavengers. This collective noun phrase aptly signifies their remarkable teamwork, unity, and cooperation. Turkey vultures are large, unmistakable birds known f...

Example sentence

"The Committee of Turkey Vultures gathered in the treetops, silently observing their surroundings."


Congress Of Turkey Vultures

A Congress of Turkey Vultures is an awe-inspiring sight to behold in the natural realm. These impressive birds of prey, also known as buzzards, gather together in large numbers, showcasing their extraordinary ability to scavenge and soar through the sky. ...

Example sentence

"A Congress of Turkey Vultures soared high above, gracefully gliding on the thermals."

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