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Wallowing Through the Lively List: Top Collective Noun Examples!

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A wallow is a depressional area filled with muddy or watery soil that certain animals use as a place to roll around or root themselves. When describing collective nouns with the term "wallow," it typically refers to specific groups of animals engaging in this behavior together. Here are a few examples:

1. A wallow of hippos: These massive creatures often wallow in watering holes or riverbanks, submerging themselves in water or mud. Together, a group of hippos enjoying this behavior is appropriately referred to as a wallow of hippos.

2. A wallow of pigs: Domestic pigs are known for their inclination to create muddy areas where they can wallow and cool down during hot summers or alleviate skin irritations. "Wallow" fittingly describes a collection of pigs grouped together while engaging in this mud-bathing behavior.

3. A wallow of elephants: Elephants will often wallow, typically by rolling and bathing in mud to protect themselves from extreme temperatures and insects. Large groups of these magnificent creatures indulging in this shared activity are called a wallow of elephants.

4. A wallow of rhinos: Rhinoceroses are known to roll and bathe in mud or water, creating designated wallows to regulate their body temperature, stave off parasites, and protect against the sun's rays. If several rhinos gather and participate in this activity together, they can be referred to as a wallow of rhinos.

5. A wallow of buffalo: Some species of buffalo, such as the African buffalo or American bison, enjoy wallowing in muddy patches to cool down or remove parasites. A wallow of buffalo describes the collection of these animals actively engaging in this behavior.

Collective nouns using the term wallow perfectly capture specific groups of animals partaking in the act of rolling, mud-bathing, and frolicking in water together.


Wallow of Hippos

A wallow of hippos is a vivid and colorful collective noun phrase used to describe a group or gathering of these magnificent and majestic creatures. Found primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, wallows are areas of shallow water, be it rivers, lakes, or pools, ...

Example sentence: A wallow of hippos is a sight to behold as the massive animals congregate in a watery paradise, their bodies submerged save for their eyes and snouts


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