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The Wonderful World of Wedges: Collective Noun Examples

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A "wedge" is a collective noun that refers to a specific grouping or collection of objects, animals, or individuals that are related or perceived as a whole. It evokes images of a tightly packed assemblage exhibiting a distinct shape or formation, often resembling a wedge or similar triangular structure. The term, borrowed from the physical shape of a wedge-tool, can be applied to various contexts:

1. Wedge of Geese: A wedge of geese refers to a flock of geese flying in a V-formation, wherein they share collective energy and reduce wind resistance by flying close together. This collective display adds to their migratory efficiency and ensures mutual guidance during their long journeys.

2. Wedge of Swans: Similarly, a wedge of swans represents a group of swans swimming in a triangular formation with one swan leading the pack, signifying familial bonds or coordination during migration.

3. Wedge of Soldiers: In military contexts, a wedge of soldiers is formed when soldiers arrange themselves in a triangular pattern, pointing towards the targeted objective. This formation helps provide protection and maximizes their offensive force during coordinated maneuvers.

4. Wedge of Turkeys: During breeding and mating season, turkeys tend to form a wedgelike arrangement, displaying their feathers, vibrating their wings and making coordinated displays to attract female attention. This spectacle is referred to as a wedge of turkeys.

5. Wedge of Cheese: In the culinary world, a wedge of cheese represents a portion of cheese that has been cut into a triangular shape, typically retained for presentation or serving purposes.

The term "wedge" as a collective noun adds a sense of unity, collective purpose, and proximity to formations in different spheres, ranging from nature and animals to military activities and even food.

Wedge of Geese

A wedge of geese is a captivating collective noun phrase used to describe a group of geese in flight. This fascinating term reflects the majestic and organized arrangement of geese as they traverse through the vast open skies in a distinctive V formation....

Example sentence: As I looked out onto the marshland, I spotted a magnificent wedge of geese flying overhead in perfect formation


Wedge of Swans

Wedge of Swans refers to a poetic collective noun phrase that beautifully captures the awe-inspiring sight of a group of swans in flight or swimming together in formation. Generally used by nature enthusiasts and writers, this phrase evokes both the elega...

Example sentence: I spotted a majestic wedge of swans as they gracefully migrated in formation across the clear blue sky


Wedge of Cake

A wedge of cake is a delightful collective noun phrase that conjures images of mouthwatering desserts. As a collective term, wedge refers to a triangular portion of cake that has been sliced and isolated from a larger whole. The word cake doesn't just imp...

Example sentence: I baked a delicious homemade chocolate cake and invited my friends over to enjoy a big, mouthwatering wedge of cake


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