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Yearning for Unity: Collective Noun Examples that Guide us Towards Togetherness

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A yearning is a desirous longing or intense craving that pulls individuals together to form a collective noun, such as a sigh of yearning or a chorus of yearning. These collective nouns vividly portray the shared sentiment of longing felt by a group of people. They capture the essence of human emotion and depict the yearning to fulfill one's passions, aspirations, or deep desires. Just like a sigh of yearning, where several individuals exhale a heartfelt expression of longing simultaneously, or a chorus where many voices unite to convey a yearning melody, these collective nouns amplify the power of yearning by reminding us that such emotions can bind individuals in a shared emotional experience. Furthermore, they highlight the universal nature of yearning, emphasizing that countless individuals often resonate with similar desires and ambitions. While collective nouns are primarily language constructs, the use of yearning in these examples fosters a sense of unity, empathy, and connectivity among individuals who yearn for something greater in life.


Yearning of Maidens

Yearning of Maidens is a captivating and poetic collective noun phrase that evokes a sense of desire, passion, and unfulfilled longing tied to a particular group of young women. In this enchanting expression, yearning captures the intense inner longing, d...

Example sentence: In the quiet village, a yearning of maidens gathered by the well, whispering secrets and dreams



Yearning of Lovers

A Yearning of Lovers is a tender and captivating collective noun phrase used to describe a gathering or group of individuals deeply enriched with affection and desire. This sentimental expression touches upon the strong emotional connections that bind rom...

Example sentence: A yearning of lovers filled the air as they gazed into each other's eyes


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