[14] Exploring the Fascinating World of Collective Nouns: Unmasking the Enigmatic Yoke - Definitions and Examples

Collective nouns are a linguistic concept used to describe a collection or group of individuals. When it comes to collective nouns related to the word "yoke," this agricultural term evokes images of animals harnessed together. Here are a few examples of collective nouns involving the word "yoke":

1. Yoke of oxen: This depicts a collective noun used specifically for referring to a group of oxen, typically working together, as they are commonly harnessed using a yoke around their shoulders.

2. Yoke of cows: Similar to a yoke of oxen, this collective noun refers to a group of cows employed for pulling wagons or performing farm-related tasks.

3. Yoke of draft animals: The term "draft animals" refers to non-human mammals that are utilized for transportation or heavy labor. A yoke of draft animals can consist of oxen, as mentioned above, but might also include other animals such as horses, mules, or even buffalo.

4. Yoke of horses: Used more broadly to denote any group of horses yoked together, this collective noun can be associated with horses pulling a carriage or when plowing in agricultural settings.

5. Yoke of farmers: Though more metaphorical, this collective noun demonstrates a connection between individuals within the farming profession. It signifies a group or association of farmers working towards a common goal, collaborating as a cohesive unit.

In sum, these examples of collective nouns exhibit the various ways that the word "yoke" is used to connote a group of animals or individuals working in tandem or collaborating together.


Yoke Of Burdens

A yoke of burdens is a collective noun phrase that suggests a group of individuals or entities facing and carrying a heavy load or responsibility together. The word yoke typically refers to a wooden beam used to connect two animals for pulling heavy loads...

Example sentence

"The yoke of burdens weighs heavily on their weary shoulders."


Yoke of Cattle

A yoke of cattle is a collective noun phrase that refers to a group of domesticated animals known as cattle, specifically those that are harnessed or joined together using a yoke device. Cattle, commonly referred to as cows or bulls, belong to the Bovidae...

Example sentence

"A yoke of cattle was ready to be harnessed for another day of labor on the farm."


Yoke Of Debt

A yoke of debt refers to a collective noun phrase that symbolizes the burden, obligation, and entrapment caused by excessive personal or financial liabilities. The term yoke serves as a metaphor, evoking an image of being restricted and subjugated, much l...

Example sentence

"The yoke of debt weighed heavily on the shoulders of the struggling family."


Yoke Of Donkeys

A yoke of donkeys, also known as a team of donkeys or a drove of donkeys, refers to a specific collective noun phrase used to describe a group of donkeys harnessed together. Just like the olden days when a yoke was used to connect two animals side by side...

Example sentence

"A yoke of donkeys plodded along the dusty trail, their hooves creating a rhythmic symphony."


Yoke Of Falcons

A yoke of falcons is a magnificent and enchanting sight to behold, a gathering of these majestic birds, capturing the imagination with their grace and power. Faltering and soaring through the sky, their regal presence demands attention and reverence, capt...

Example sentence

"The yoke of falcons gracefully soared through the sky, their majestic wings beating in unison."


Yoke Of Horses

A yoke of horses refers to a specific manner of grouping and controlling horses, which has been practiced for centuries. In this context, a yoke is a wooden frame or apparatus placed around the necks of two or more horses in order to tether them together....

Example sentence

"A yoke of horses pulled the old-fashioned carriage down the cobblestone street."


Yoke Of Inequality

A Yoke of Inequality refers to a collective noun phrase that epitomizes the unequal distribution of power, opportunities, and resources within a society or a particular context. Inspired by the traditional yoke - a wooden beam used to harness two animals ...

Example sentence

"The Yoke of Inequality weighs heavily on society, preventing equal opportunities for all."


Yoke Of Marriage

Yoke of Marriage is a poetic and evocative collective noun phrase used to symbolize the binding unity and mutual responsibility that a couple shares in the holy institution of matrimony. The term yoke refers to a wooden crosspiece that connects a pair of ...

Example sentence

"A yoke of marriage means facing challenges and joys together, supporting and relying on each other along the journey."


Yoke Of Mules

A yoke of mules refers to a group or team of mules harnessed together under a single yoke. This collective noun phrase highlights the unity, coordination, and strength exhibited by the mules as they work together towards a common goal. With their distinct...

Example sentence

"The yoke of mules trudged through the rugged terrain, steadily pulling the heavy cart behind them."


Yoke of Oxen

A yoke of oxen is a collective noun phrase used to describe a group of oxen that are paired together and work as a team in various agricultural tasks. The term yoke refers to the wooden beam or frame that is fitted across the shoulders of the oxen, typica...

Example sentence

"The farmer led a yoke of oxen in the field to help with ploughing."

Some of these collective noun phrases are traditional, while others showcase a touch of creativity. Choose the one that best fits your narrative or discussion.

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